The Band

Vij Sodera: vocals, guitar, recording, production
Pardeep Sodera: guitars
Andrew Dickinson: bass
Chris Height: drums, percussion
Mark Sharp: keyboards
Jackie Hackett: backing vocals

Music & lyrics by Vij Sodera

Whatever is true,
Our Father in heaven
Whatever is just
Hallowed be Thy name
Whatever is pure
Thy kingdom come
Whatever is Right
Thy will be done
As in heaven above
Be it here with love
As in heaven above
Be it here with love
Whatever is lovely
Forgive my sin
Whatever is gracious
Repel the snare within
Whatever the race
Give me daily bread
Let Love embrace
Keep me spiritually fed
Let Love embrace
Keep me spiritually fed

about these things.

Vij’s notes:

I first came up with the bass riff over 20 years ago but it never found a place in any of my songs. Then one day in mid 2017 when I thought of the scriptural phrase ‘whatever is true…think upon these things’, the bass riff suddenly ended its search for a partner in rhyme. The song ‘Think’ was the result, a loose weave of words from Philippians 4:8 and the Lord’s prayer from Matthew 6:9-13. 
As in ‘Burning Hearts’ the video embraces the use of small LEDs attached to the players fingers and the instruments, and the use of a slow shutter to achieve the streaking effect. My fingers playing the classical guitar were illuminated from inside and filmed through a hole in the back of the instrument.
While I was filming my fingers, little Rio walked into the studio and my first thought was that he had just ruined my shot. However as he clambered up my legs to play with the strings I decided to let him do whatever he wanted…and so I captured his hilarious little loss of footing, and kept it as a surprise tailpiece. No toddlers were injured during the making of this video.

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