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Lead guitar, harmonica, keyboards

Pardeep Sodera is simply the best guitarist there is. Whereas I write the songs and the basic tunes, Pardeep puts the icing on the cake and is equally accomplished whether playing spanish or electric guitar. He also adds a dash of sitar, harmonica, and piano.

It’s a fact that no matter how many times I try, I still cannot play lead guitar. So, this is how it works – I play rhythm and Pardeep plays the clever bits. I ask him to add this or that flavour to the tune and he just does it. Every time.

Not many people can boast of having the world’s best guitarist as their brother. But I can.






chris serious green sticks copy


Chris Height is a band’s dream. Some drummers won’t play what you want. Other drummers can’t play what you want. Most drummers have no volume control. Where are the drum police when you want them?

Chris knows what is needed before I ask, and he’s an absolute joy to work with. He even has volume control.

Actually, Chris is not just a great drummer. He’s also got a great singing voice and plays guitar.







Andrew grass 1 copy


Andrew Dickinson is a fantastic bass player and all-round musician. He even reads music. Many a time and oft has he come round to my house and tried to force-feed me bite-sized chunks of musical education.

But after all the years, this is still the way we work: after I have recorded a draft track I ask Andrew to play something. He would prefer me to have written down some basic musical notation, but all I say is something like ‘can you give it some more growl…and more of the lower end…’ or ‘ can you start somewhere down here and…Oh, that bit was good…no not that, but the thing you did a few minutes ago…yea, that’s it..’

From such detailed instructions Andrew seems to understand the notes I have in my head, and he always produces the goods. But he never stops complaining about my inability to read and write basic music notation.






Mark ship


Mark Sharp is a great keyboard player. Piano or synth,  Mark’s razor sharp. As with the others, he’s great to work with and always comes up with the right phrasings and styles.

Mark’s also gifted at playing the guitar, trumpet and bass. It’s a shame he’s moved to Denmark. But I can still rely on him to lay down some tracks when he passes through.




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