The Band
Vij Sodera: vocals, guitar, keyboards, recording, production
Pardeep Sodera: guitars
Andrew Dickinson: bass
Chris Height: drums, percussion
Additional vocals:
Becky Pimenta, Lisa Kishtwari, Simo Charlton, Niraj Sudera
 Lunar rap: Neil Armstrong

Music and lyrics by Vij Sodera

One giant leap for mankind
Acts 2 verse four plus ten
Peter lifted up his voice and then
Stood up bold with the eleven.
Men of Judea, Jerusalem:
Jesus, Nazarene, Galilean
Sent by God to set men free, an’
Raise the dead, heal the blind
He’s the One you crucified
Don’t deny you’re all to blame
Deserve to hang your heads in shame
This Jesus God raised up and
Destroyed the power of Death

So, let the house of Israel know
That God made Jesus Lord of all
This Jesus whom you all crucified
God made Him both Lord and Christ
The Door, the Way, the Truth, the Life
King of Kings
The Risen Son, The Anointed One

SAVIOUR of the world
SAVIOUR of the world

When the people heard this
Their hearts cut through
And they all cried out
What must we do?
Then Peter cried out to every man
There’s only one small step
Required of man
Repent, repent! And be baptised
In the name of Jesus
The risen Christ
And the Holy Spirit
Will fill the brethren
This promise is to you
And to all your children
Repent, accept Salvation Plan
That’s the one small step
Required of man
One small step for man

SAVIOUR of the world
SAVIOUR of the world

This is what Peter said with the eleven
That God came down to earth from heaven
God incarnate, born a man
This was God’s great Master Plan
He walked around like you and me
Crucified to set us free
Yeah, God became a man and so we find
This was God’s giant leap for mankind, yeah!
One giant leap for mankind

Vij’s Notes:
This song is based entirely on Peter’s preaching in Jerusalem, fifty days after the Resurrection (Acts 2).
Peter declared that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah foretold by the prophets of old, and that Salvation comes through Him, since He took upon Himself the sins of all mankind.
For God to take upon Himself the form of a man and die on the cross – this was the GIANT leap for (on behalf of) mankind.
The song is framed around Neil Armstrong’s historic words from the Moon. His phrasing has been cut into segments and arranged to fit in with the beat. The original crackles have been deliberately retained and they provide their own little percussive element. The original ‘beeps’ have also been kept.
All of the video was filmed in Israel. Some of it was filmed at the Western Wall, virtually the same spot in Jerusalem from which Peter spoke out 2000 years ago.
Other parts of the video were filmed in the narrow streets of the Jerusalem’s Old City, at Capernuam, and on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret).

The final sequence depicting the Resurrection was filmed as I was stepping out of the Garden Tomb, just north of the Old City.

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