The Band

Vij Sodera: vocals, guitar, recording, production
Pardeep Sodera: guitars
Andrew Dickinson: bass
Chris Height: drums, percussion
Mike Bosley: sax
Becka Pimenta: vocals 
Anthia Davy: additional vocals
Ejiro Oghene Egbe: additional vocals


Music and lyrics by Vij Sodera

John One, Beginning was the Word
A Child was born in the House of Bread
The Word spoke and the world began
The Child cried out and all the angels sang
Word with God, the Word divine
The Child was the One who entered into time
Word was flesh when He came from above
The Child became a Man full of grace and love

John One, Beginning was the Word

John too, he’s oh so confused
He’s got a load of questions, got to help him through
Are You the One, you see, we got to make sure
Or is there someOne else we got to wait here for?
Tell John about the deaf and the blind
The dead, lame, and lepers they all doing just fine
Tell John that the poor hear the News
That I AM is standing in these shoes

John One, Beginning was the Word

John Three, the Kingdom is nigh
I am the Door, you know I tell you no lie
Nico: how can this be, clue me what must I do
If narrow is the Way, well now how do I get through?
To tell you the Truth, you must be born again
‘Less you come like a child you gonna miss that train
Now, this is the News when all is said and done
That God so loved the world He sent His only Son

John One, Beginning was the Word


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